Thursday, July 10, 2003

There's a common theory about the contrariness of comic book fans which goes something like this:

(Ahem - setting the scene...)
Comics sell to a tenth of the number of people they used to, and current fans - the hardcore few who stuck around during the 'lean years' - are almost evangelical in their praise for the medium. They grumble and complain about this thing that only they and a small number of others appreciate - in fact even know anything about! Why does no one else get it?
Here's the theory : The reason they love it so much, and have become so obsessed with everything comic, is because they currently sell so poorly, because they're such a well kept secret.
If they became mass-marketed things that everyone read, then they'd soon give up and move onto something else, as obscure as comics used to be.

I've always dismissed this as complete tosh.

Now - a few months ago I discovered a beast called the McVities Snickers Flapjack. It's basically a McVitie's Hobnob, with a Snickers topping pressed into a flapjack shaped package. I thought they were delicious, the only problem was that they weren't very well distributed. Only a handful of places stocked them, and none of these outlets were anywhere near my home or place of work.

I even went to the length of individually e-mailing Mars and McVities and asking them what the problem was. I wanted the forbidden fruit - I wanted everyone to know how tasty they were, Goddamnit! How could this almost perfect treat disappear without being appreciated by the masses?

Now Boots is selling them.
And I don't think they're such a big deal anymore.

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