Tuesday, July 01, 2003

"The research also found particularly strong evidence that women who thought they were physically attractive tended to go for men who were wealthy, or high status.

Conversely, men who thought they were successful tended to go for good looking women. "

All you need to know about picking a partner and how everyone else is doing it at :

I'd like to dedicate my nonposting yesterday to First Great-Western who tried their damndest to make the train journey back to London from Castle Cary as difficult as possible.

I'd like to dedicate my productivity today to Michael Eavis who, after 33 years, thinks he's finally got the Glastonbury festival right. I have to agree - I can't recommend it enough. I had a great weekend, and despite having practically no sleep all weekend, it has left me refreshed and invigorated!

Thanks also go to Billy Bragg and the people selling the Ostrich Burgers, who made the weekend even more special.

All this and I saved a tenner by not having to buy wellies!

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