Thursday, June 26, 2003

Well my old friend...
It's been a while!

It's ironic that I haven't had time to write in my e-Journal lately, as more interesting things have happened since my last entry than in most of the months I've been doing this!

I'm off to Glastonbury this weekend, and I've been watching the weather forecast intently. If the icon for Sunday on the BBC web site gets one more drop of rain I'm going to invest in a pair of those new rubber socks, that claim to be 100% waterproof.
(No this isn't one of the interesting things!)

On watching the news last night I wondered at how Mr Rusedski, Britain's No 2 mens tennis player, has a remarkably un-British accent. Although he was certainly swearing enough to be English last night!
Good on that man - I think Wimbledon's become a drab affair these last few years and what it needs is more McEnroe-esque theatrics.
More character!

In other news this week, Princess Diana has risen from the dead!
Or at least she has been revived as a character in one of my favourite comics - Marvel's X-Statix. I reckon it's going to be about a tenth as sick as the UK tabloids fear.
Links about the story at :


And the Guardian,3604,984268,00.html

And an interview with Mr Peter Milligan, the writer, at :,2763,984675,00.html

The interesting thing that happened to me on the way to this Blog:
I was recently contacted by a fine Romanian cartoonist called Nicolae Ionita (Google his name to see some of his work - I'm sure you'll like it!) on behalf of the Cartoonists Rights Network (Eastern Europe branch) about contributing to an exhibition he is preparing for the International Romanian Cartoon Festival in September this year.
This section of the festival is dedicated to Ion Luca Caragiale, a revered Romanian writer, humorist, dramatist and journalist.
I tracked down some of his writing, but was warned that he doesn't translate well, as a great deal of his subtlety only works in the native Romanian.

Mr Caragiale was a very interesting character, and had a great face for drawing so I set about my piece immediately.
It should be ready next week - I'll get a scan of it in the gallery shortly.

Actually... I'll have a gallery shortly!

I think that's about it.
I hate monster posting, but I won't get another chance before surrendering myself to the torrent that is the Glastonbury festival so I'm afraid I had to.
My apologies.

Oh - and I've got some great new business cards, which I'm going to hand out to anyone who might ever want some drawing or writing done.

Right - now to spell check this beast!

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