Tuesday, June 17, 2003


My tooth / jaw infection thing has reappeared.
And I have a production release of my code tonight, delayed from Friday.

I decided that I was going to fight the infection without the use of antibiotics, to strengthen my immune system and become more robust to jaw infections in general.
Armed with nothing more than salt water and the promise of at least eight hours sleep I began my campaign last night.

Bill Gates decided on Friday that he wasn't going to let my code run on his lovely Windows operating system.
There wasn't much I could do about it at the time.

My friend Vivek last night explained to me how fasting (ie. abstaining from food) can be used to assist the body's natural healing mechanisms.
The theory goes something like this - if one's body doesn't need to push blood around and work hard to digest the mountain of food one normally consumes, then it can use these resources to sort out any ailments one might be suffering from.

This morning I woke up and decided that today was the day I won my argument with Mr Gates.
I also decided that I would fast for 24 hours.

I also forgot my keys and glasses (two things I usually never forget!)

Now it's just after half past six in the pm.
I've won my battle with Microsoft and my software runs fine under Windows 2000.
I've managed to go without food until now (but my belly is seriously rumbling).
My eyes are sore from staring at a computer all day without glasses or a lunchbreak.
And I'm not sure how I'm going to get into my house when I get home.

I'll have a look for some links to the benefits of fasting, but until I get some up, a Google search on fasting and benefits will provide you with lots of interesting reading.

My jaw is still swollen, but not painful.
In case you've actually managed to read this far!

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