Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Tonight I was going to talk about how gutted I am about Celtic losing the cup final tonight...
I was going to talk about how Celtic meant more the last time they played in a European cup final, or the time before that when they were christened the 'Lisbon Lions' as European cup winners; because back then all of their players were born within 30 miles of Glasgow.

I was going to talk about how tomorrow Marvel open their Epic floodgates, and I have mixed feelings about sending off my first submission.

I'm quite excited about finally getting a copy of Egomania #2, with it's cracking Alan Moore interview in it.

And I saw Jim Lee in the flesh tonight (although I didn't queue for a signature...)

After being delayed on my train home because there was someone stuck under a train in Bromley-By-Bow station...

To be honest - I don't really feel like it.

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